by Lindsay 5/12/2008 8:28:00 AM

It has recently been reported to us that there has been an issue with spam on the site.  It is unfortunate that along with a messaging system comes spam.   We are working diligently to resolve these types of issues. 


Please continue to let us know about any spam or fraudulant activiites on the site.  Remember, never give anyone your personal information.


Thank you everyone who took the time to make me aware of the situation-- it is greaty appreciated!

Have a great day!



5/13/2008 11:16:20 AM

Thanks for the mention, Lindsay Smile

Mary United States

5/17/2008 2:08:41 AM

I would like to say first off, that people that "do spam" are obviously sick, miserable individuals. There is absolutely no point to doing such a dispicable thing, the only thing gained  from it is the obvious treachery which apparently some people thrive on. That is so sad & I feel so sorry for you that do this.
Ok, on to something more positive...I think that Writing Room is an excellent concept & I appreciate it so much! Kudos to the person that came up w/ this idea!
My posts are mostly a therapeutic outlet, that I hope reaches others who might be struggling w/ their illness. I studied psychology, for many years actually, I wanted to know everything there was to know, lol
and here is what I have learned...that unfortunately, no matter how much we understand about our illness, emotions, chemical imbalances, misfiring neurotransmitters & such things that are beyond our control sometimes override our good sense, even our knowledge & wisdom. When this happens, I believe it is imperative to have a support person.  Someone to kind of ground us, ya know? For about 2 months now, I've not had that because my living circumstances have recently become such that I have no one but me here. and God, of course (sorry if I offend anyone, I have my beliefs & you are certainly entitled to blog about yours, Smile This is just awesome for me due to the situation I have found myself in. I realize this is on the internet for the whole world to see & I am posting some very personal things. I have always been a very open person. I am just thankful for the opportunity to possibly reach someone  who might  be struggling & just needs a little encouragement or whatever. Thanks so much for your time & interest in what I have to say. It truly means a lot.

LauraYvette United States

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