WritingRoom.com Publishes Kent State Graduates Debut Children's Book

by Lindsay 7/1/2009 10:04:00 AM
Jenna Gerling has penned and illustrated an enlightening and beautiful new children’s book, PAPPY PLAYS.  PAPPY PLAYS is the story of the very special relationship between a grandson and his grandfather, which is compromised when Pappy develops Alzheimer’s.  Jenna has gently created a heart warming story in an age appropriate tone and matter that will help children understand what is happening to a grandparent that is suffering from Alzheimer’s.  

Jenna wrote this book as a project for her Children’s literature class at Kent State, where she recently graduated with a bachelors’ degree in magazine journalism.  During her time at school she worked at a Senior Living Center where she gained extensive knowledge on the subject of aging, Alzheimer’s and dementia.  This book is a collaboration of her three passions: writing, drawing and care-giving.

When asked about her new book, Jenna tells WritingRoom:  “Not only do I get to see my creation come to life and get to share it with others, but I get to help children and their families too!  I couldn’t ask for more!”

Jenna is already working on her second book.  WritingRoom.com is pleased to have been able to help another new author along their path to success.

PAPPY PLAYS is published by PublishingRoom.com and will be available in the PublishingRoom.com bookstore and online at Amazon and BN June 2009.  

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2009 WritingRoom Author Choice Contest

by Lindsay 2/4/2009 2:35:00 PM

Attention aspiring novelists! Now is your chance to have your work published, marketed, and promoted. The first place winner will have their work read and considered by top New York literary agent Loretta Barrett and an editor from Tor/Forge Books.

10 winners will receive a helping hand to improve their manuscripts from acclaimed bestselling author Jon Land, the author of THE SEVEN SINS and one of the Library Journal’s Top Five Thrillers of 2008.

The top three winners of the 2009 WritingRoom Author Choice Contest will have their manuscripts published, marketed and promoted. One Grand-Prize winner will also have their book read and considered by one of the top New York literary agents Loretta Barrett and editor Eric Rabb from Tor/Forge Books.

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