by Lindsay 7/4/2008 12:31:00 PM

I want to give a great big congratulations to D.L. Wilson or Scifiguy, as he is known here at WritingRoom.  Wilson's short story, "Through The Eyes Of A Killer", is going to be published by Mind Wings Audio, and should be available to the public in six months.  


"Through The Eyes Of A Killer" is a science fiction story about future technological advancements used to prosecute and convict a murderer.  Through a complicated process of mapping the vast neural network of the human mind, the government is able to isolate particular memories and reproduce them in a virtual format, enabling jurors to see the murder through the eyes of the killer


You should check out some of Scifiguy's other stories here at WritingRoom.  If you like sci-fi, you will love his writings!


Wilson credits WritingRoom with helping him to get published.  We at WritingRoom wish him the best of luck!

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