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by Lindsay 4/14/2009 10:36:00 AM

A Great Opportunity For Bloggers From PoetryDances.com:  Blog Jog


So what is it exactly?
It's an event being run to raise awareness in the Poetrydances Poetry Network and the personal blog sites of its members. Whereby members visit and join/sign up to a limited number (6 min. but the more the merrier!) of other member's blogs.

What do you need to have/do if you want to get involved?
- Join/be an existing member of poetrydances.ning.com
- Have a blog site (outside of Poetrydances)
- Just add  your blog's link to the list by replying to this news item: http://poetrydances.ning.com/forum/topics/join-in-the-great-poetrydances
- 'Badge up' to Poetrydances- by picking up one of our badges and posting it on your blog.

When is the jog itself?
It starts on April 25th and will last until the end of April. During this time you (if you are a participating member) will need to visit the 3 blogs on either side of your own blog on the list- don't worry if you are at the start or end of the list because both 'ends' of the list will be joined to form one 'loop' in effect. (i.e Members at the start of the list will visit sites at the end of the list where necessary and vice versa)

Sign up now at http://poetrydances.ning.com/forum/topics/join-in-the-great-poetrydances and post a link to your blog. Also please' Badge up' to Poetrydances as soon as you can, but at the latest prior to the 25th April.

Thanks to PoetryDances.com for sharing this great opportunity with the WritingRoom community! 

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