Unveiling WritingRoom's Professional Author Websites

by Lindsay 7/7/2009 4:28:00 PM

We are pleased to bring you a cool new feature:  WritingRoom’s Professional Author Websites. With this new feature those who have a Professional Authors Page can now create their own personal website for their fans and readers.   Members who create a website can add the tabs they want, customize the banner ad, sell their books and much more.

WritingRoom’s Professional Author Websites do not replace the Professional Author Page.  The Professional Author Page gives you access to WritingRoom’s features and functionalities; the Website is an added stand-alone marketing service that authors can use to promote themseleves and their books.

This is a beta version of this new feature.   We are asking all those who have a Professional Authors Page during our beta phase to please utilize this tool.  Please help us make this feature as beneficial to our members as possible by sending any and all comments and suggestions you may have our way.  We are working diligently to make this as feature rich as possible and your suggestions will help us do that.


If you are interested in beta testing a Free Professional Author Website send us an email at info@WritingRoom.com. 


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