WritingRoom's First Discoverd Author - Kayla Meyers

by Lindsay 10/11/2008 2:31:00 PM

WritingRoom is pleased to announce our first WritingRoom Discovered Author, Kayla Meyers and her debut book THE BUTTERFLY PAPERWEIGHT: A COLLECTION OF POEMS ANS SHORT STORIES. Kayla’s book is an exquisite collection of eloquent poems and coming of age short stories for young adults.  Kayla's young voice has maturity and knowledge well beyond her 19 young years.  Afflicted with spina bifida, Kayla has managed to turn adversity into art and inspiration.  You can buy her book now at PublishingRoom.com and Amazon.com (where she is getting rave reviews).  We wish Kayla the best of luck!


We are honored to be able to help bring Kayla's dream of becoming a published author to life.  We will continue to help other writers fulfill thier goals.  Each month we will be scouring the thousands of fabulous writings posted here at WritingRoom.com to find our next Discovered Author to publish. We are looking for a vast collection of inspirational poems, creative short stories or the next great novel. Keep writing!


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