STRONG JUSTICE: The Riveting New Book By Jon Land -- Available in Stores Now!

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Last year, bestselling author Jon Land introduced 5th generation Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong in Strong Enough to Die (now available in mass market paperback from Forge)—and filled a void in the male-dominated thriller genre.  The fact that Land created a genuine female action star who can hold her own in a world that is normally suffused with testosterone proves once again that he is a versatile writer who isn’t afraid to tackle new challenges in his writing.

Critics certainly agree.  Strong Enough to Die received high praise for its authenticity (both in his portrayal of a woman and his intriguing anecdotes about the famous Texas Rangers), its hot-button issue storyline, and its snappy, true-to-life dialogue.   In fact, Caitlin Strong and Strong Enough to Die received so much attention that they caught the eye of Hollywood, and Land is currently working on the screenplay for director Carl Franklin (Devil in a Blue Dress) and producer Michel Shane.

Still recovering from her escapade in which she took on the Mexican mafia and a corporation that threatened the security of the United States, Caitlin Strong now finds herself drawn into a new case—investigating a series of missing Mexican girls who are being brought across the border to be sold as sex slaves. 

Just another day in the life of a Texas Ranger?  Definitely not.  Caitlin is also trying to come to terms with her relationship with her sometime lover, Cort Wesley Masters, a former convict…and her former rival.  She’s drawn to him, but she’s having a hard time committing herself and her heart.  But one thing is for sure—she’s formed a strong bond with his two sons, Dylan, 15, and Luke, 9, whom she saved when their mother was gunned down before their very eyes.

So it’s no surprise that when Dylan is arrested on trumped-up drug charges, Caitlin rushes to his defense.  In reality, he’s come to the rescue of a young Mexican girl who has escaped from the latest caravan of kidnapped girls.  Her name is Maria, and she was abducted six months ago on her way home from school.  She fears for her life, and is especially terrified of a wrangler named Macerio, who the captive girls call Demonio.

And Maria has reason to be afraid.  In the past thirteen years, the bodies of over four hundred Mexican women, many of them unidentified, have been found along the Mexico and Texas border, beginning in the area between Juarez and El Paso. There has been virtually no progress on either side. Until now.  It seems Maria just may have evidence against the worst serial killer in history and a sex slavery ring that has ruined countless lives.

But little does Caitlin know, she’s heading straight toward a confrontation that surpasses anything she’s ever faced.  For Macerio is the brother of a former Mexican guerilla with plans to launch a series of attacks against major American cities.  And what he needs to do so lies deep beneath the ground in a small border town in Texas.  When Caitlin and Cort Wesley discover what it is, they must race to Juarez—the very same place where Caitlin’s grandfather, Earl Strong, faced his own showdown over 100 years before—to stop an all-out war from beginning.

Up-to-the-minute and absolutely riveting, STRONG JUSTICE once again marks Jon Land as one of today’s hottest thriller writers.



New Videos

by Lindsay 2/9/2009 11:43:00 PM

Want some from professional authors?  Ever wonder what it's like to win a writing contest? Do you dream of what it would be like to have your novel published?


Now you can find out, right from the authors and writers themselves.   WritingRoom Videos brings you advice and tips from some of your favorite authors and your soon to be favorites.  We have recently added some new videos.  


Make sure you watch Jon Land.  Jon is the acclaimed bestselling author of 27 novels.  His latest novel, THE SEVEN SINS, is available now and his upcoming novel, STRONG ENOUGH TO DIE, will be available in May.  Jon has been kind enough to offer his talent and time to the top ten finalists in the WritingRoom 2009 Authors Choice Contest.  


Check out Jason Austin and Raymond Springer, the first and second place winners of WritingRoom's Author Launch Contest.  They tell their audience about the struggles they had penning their first novel and what it was like to become a published author.


In WritingRoom member, JJ's, new video she does more than tell you about her new book, ACCIDENTALLY DELIBERATE, she entertains and teaches her viewer about life.


If you are interested in filming a book trailer or writing related video or have a book trailer or a writing related video you would like us to feature send us an email at 


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2009 WritingRoom Author Choice Contest

by Lindsay 2/4/2009 2:35:00 PM

Attention aspiring novelists! Now is your chance to have your work published, marketed, and promoted. The first place winner will have their work read and considered by top New York literary agent Loretta Barrett and an editor from Tor/Forge Books.

10 winners will receive a helping hand to improve their manuscripts from acclaimed bestselling author Jon Land, the author of THE SEVEN SINS and one of the Library Journal’s Top Five Thrillers of 2008.

The top three winners of the 2009 WritingRoom Author Choice Contest will have their manuscripts published, marketed and promoted. One Grand-Prize winner will also have their book read and considered by one of the top New York literary agents Loretta Barrett and editor Eric Rabb from Tor/Forge Books.

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The Seven Sins

by Lindsay 6/16/2008 9:42:00 PM

Jon Land is the author of 27 books, fifteen of which have been national bestsellers.  There are currently over seven million copies of his books in print.  His newest book THE SEVEN SINS: THE TYRANT ASCENDING, has just been released to rave reviews.  


The Seven Sins is the loosely based on the real life character of real estate mogul, Fabrizio Boccardi.  Boccardi was the mold for Land's new series featuring the character of Michael Tiranno.  Tiranno is a complex character and by no means a typical hero.  He is greedy and thirsty for power, yet his passion and drive trump all his negative qualties.  In this story Tiranno despite all his flaws embarks on the quest to save Las Vegas.


The Seven Sins is an ultimate thriller; the stakes are high, the characters interesting and the pacing is intense.  It crosses a global span, the clock is ticking and the fate of Las Vegas lies in the hand of Tiranno.


Five of Land's previous novels have been re-released with the debut of The Seven Sins:  The Last Prophecy, Blood Diamonds, Keepers of the Gate, The Blue Widows, and A Walk In The Darkness are all available at book stores and online.  


We are honored to have Jon Land as a guest judge for WritingRoom's Author Launch Contest and as part of the WritingRoom community.

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