November Discovered Author: Janice Haskins-Scott

by Lindsay 11/2/2008 11:48:00 PM

Janice Haskins-Scott's collection of poetry was just the type of exemplary kind of bold writing we were looking to publish for our November Discovered Author.  Her collection of poems is now available in her new book, INSPIRATIONAL EVERYDAY POETRY- POETRY THAT INSPIRES.  Staggeringly insightful and profoundly personal, Janice courageously reveals, with poetic precision, stories and sides of herself that inspire and move by artfulness.


INSPIRATIONAL EVERYDAY POETRY is a kaleidoscope of poetry and passion that scales the everday possibilities and daily struggles with equal sensitivity, lyricism, intelligence and humor.  Having defeated a twenty-four year long drug and alcohol addiction, Janice has overcome a broken spirit by discovering the powers of her mind, understanding that hopelessness and discouragement could be squashed by wisdom and knowledge, transforming her inhibitions into strengths, and understanding that her past has prepared her for her future.  Janice has become a success, a self-taught writer who now lives her life substance-free and dedicated to fulfilling her life.

Janice has had some success as a writer before being chosen as WritingRoom's Discvoered Author:  In 2004, she was nominated as Poet of the year by the International Society of Poets.  In November 2007, she completed and published through Xlibris Publishing, her first poetry book, REFLECTIONS OF A WARRIOR - UNDERSTANDING SUBSTANCE ABUSE RECOVERY THROUGH POETRY, and a novel entitled, MISPLACED. She has been named one of the best poets of the year by the International Library of Poetry, for the years 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007and 2008.


INSPIRATIONAL EVERYDAY POETRY- POETRY THAT INSPIRES, is available at, and other online retailers.  Buy it now and be inspired! 


Remember~ We are continuously searching all the writings here at WritingRoom to find our next Discovered Author.  We are looking for a fabulous collection of poems and short stories, or a great novel.  Keep writing and keep posting, you could be our next Discovered Author! 


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