What Harry Potter Has Taught Me about Writing

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The purpose of articulating this article is to describe various lessons I have learned from Harry Potter's writing. Harry Potter is a boy and the main character in the writing of J.K Rowling. The contents of the Rowling's books are very educative specifically in writing. Harry Potter's primary purpose of writing fan fictional books is to exploit the human desires that keep evolving since the ancient times especially in the world of magic. There are some social dynamics found in a modern society that Rowling exposes that began more than 200 years ago such as racism, religion, civil wars, social activism and education. The popularity of these books has been growing dynamically since the first publication. More importantly, I would like to discuss the value impact of the Rowling's books on my writing skills. Her writing work obsesses not only the kids but also adults.

Creative Plotting

The first thing I have learned from Harry Potter concerning writing is the plot. In her novel, Rowling's plot allows the reader to connect one action to another through the main character.  Plotting is the most important instrument that demonstrates the ideologies in the writer's mind. In this aspect, I have learned that before putting down the writing it is important to think critically and generate ideas that will effectively give the writing direction. The first idea of writing came to her mind when she was riding on a train. Before Rowling wrote anything, she thought keenly about the idea to get the right picture on the writing. Therefore, before writing anything, it is important to think about the structure and relevant concepts that the script requires. Apparently, it is important to put down the idea on time to avoid forgetting. In other words, I should not be quick to write anything on paper before formulating the structure. The plot of Rowling's books follows her idea of fantasy, the idea that connects real world to the fantasy world.

Write When Sober-Mind

Writing when sober and in the right mind is a major factor. I have learned from Harry Potter's literature that, she used to write in serious mood; Rowling used to write during her leisure time and relaxed in a favorable environment, mostly in cafes and at night in her room. Environmental and personal destructions interfere with creativity. Writing with sober mind promotes creativity, generation of new ideologies. Additionally, it is important to write when you are full of mental energy to allow the flow of ideas from different psychological perspectives. In this aspect, tiredness of extortion limits the writer from thinking reasonably. Rowling’s writing demonstrates how she took her time before articulating a single idea. The first book of Harry Potter illuminates mystery of sober mind thinking by constructing every idea crossing her mind. The characters in the book are well placed and active at every point of an idea. Rowling exposes every theme in her writing constructively, especially the idea of magic where she allocates each character a task. This fantastic element in her writing is a reflection of how Rowling took her time soberly before jumping into writing.

Be Persistence and Patient

Another important lesson I have to learn from Harry Potter’s book is to be persistent when writing. Rowling took more than 15 years before publishing her first book, Harry Porter and Deathly Hallows. The quality of the literature as a writer is the end product of persistence writing. It is important to be patient enough and persistent to learn new things without giving up. Harry Potter literature came into public in the early 1990s when she had already exploited all the ideas she had on her writing. In comparison to modern writers who take even less than three months to publish a book, Rowling took her time well, even the time she had thought she was through she gave her writing time to mature. JK's masterful job came to be due to her persistence by planting meaningful information that took time to publish. When the writer takes time, paperwork translates to quality as well as social acceptability. The underpinning factor of delayed publication is that when drafting the ideas new is new generation emerges and critics that oppose the writing. For instance, Rowling's books basis on 1980s socio-cultural, which is very different from the generation purchasing the book. Therefore, it is important to project the possibilities of the future as long as persistence aligns with emerging generation’s social practices.

Be Creative

Creativity is another important element that I have learned from Harry Potter’s writing. A writer should not engage paperwork for the sake of writing. Creativity is the most important instrument that determines the impact of the book on the audience. Apart from being creative, it is important to be unique in the writings, not copy pasting what other writers have said before. Moreover, creativity is an escalating tool that supports the authors to generate more ideas and enlarge their perspectives and dimensions in the writings. From this point of view, it is important for the writer to use the dichotomy of thinking by classifying ideologies from different perspectives such as economic, political, social and religious. For instance, Rowling's book integrates all aspects of human life revolving around Harry Potter. However, creativity takes time to mature. Before Rowling became a famous writer, she had undergone a series of challenges in writing; as a single mother, she was facing publication challenges due to financial constraints. The fact is that she did not replicate her writings and remained creative though it took time after her first publication.

Write What You Love

I have also learned from Harry Potter's writing that literature involves writing what you desire and love. In this aspect, writing what you love allows an individual to exploit the intrinsic abilities and talents. Rowling wrote what she describes as her long-term dream; she started paperwork while she was only six. The current publication is a reflection of her young age potential that she has maximally exploited. Therefore, it is important to enjoy and love the writings for they allow an individual to grow in the field of writing. Despite facing massive critiques, Rowling remained focused on her books for she enjoyed what she was writing. Additionally, writing what you love gives an individual independence by focusing on personal abilities rather than external dynamics. Finally, Rowling's literature has taught me how to formulate writing strategies without missing a single idea. Writing is not just taking paper and putting down words, but like any other fields, it requires procedures, which are practical and realistic. Failure to have a plan when writing leads to confusion and complicated paperwork that might not be apparent to the targeted audiences.

Author bio: Ben Russel is passionate about reading and writing and is a big fan of Harry Potter. He’s also into academic writing and has published a series of guides for students. One of his recent publications is on how to write a synthesis essay outline. Ben believes in the importance of helping young generation learn to love reading.

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