Of Madmen and Silent Voices

by Lindsay 10/20/2009 6:54:00 PM

Christopher Higgins writes about the silent voices in our world; voices that have been ignored for years--made to feel as if they have nothing to offer and left wondering whether or not they are heard.  

WritingRoom’s newly Discovered Author, Christopher Higgins, debut collection of poems, OF MADMEN AND SILENT VOICES, shares stories from his life; from his humble beginnings as a child in Jamaica, his relationship with his father and the powers that have run this world for a long time-- Christopher does not hold back. Having moved to the U.S. at age fourteen, Christopher started writing in high school and had a number of his works published in magazines and college newspapers.  Christopher has been teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) for the last 15 years in New York City and now in his current state of residence, Georgia.

Christopher is very excited about the release of his first book. “It has been a lifelong dream of mine to write something that others would enjoy reading.  I want my poetry to be so powerful that it awakes the spirit of some of the great writers I have long admired.”  Higgins has done just as he desired with this moving and memorable book of poetry.

“WritingRoom has been a blessing to me.  It has given me the opportunity to showcase my work and expose me to other talented authors who provided me with the inspiration to always do my best.  WritingRoom has been a wonderful experience.  I also want to extend my appreciation to Nathan Brown of PublishingRoom.com, who made sure I always understood what was going on in the publishing process.”  

OF MADMEN AND SILENT VOICES is published by PublishingRoom.com. OF MADMEN AND SILENT VOICES will be available in the PublishingRoom.com bookstore and online at Amazon and BN October 2009.


If you are interested in becoming our next Discovered Author, please email us at info@WritingRoom.com.


WritingRoom.com Publishes Kent State Graduates Debut Children's Book

by Lindsay 7/1/2009 10:04:00 AM
Jenna Gerling has penned and illustrated an enlightening and beautiful new children’s book, PAPPY PLAYS.  PAPPY PLAYS is the story of the very special relationship between a grandson and his grandfather, which is compromised when Pappy develops Alzheimer’s.  Jenna has gently created a heart warming story in an age appropriate tone and matter that will help children understand what is happening to a grandparent that is suffering from Alzheimer’s.  

Jenna wrote this book as a project for her Children’s literature class at Kent State, where she recently graduated with a bachelors’ degree in magazine journalism.  During her time at school she worked at a Senior Living Center where she gained extensive knowledge on the subject of aging, Alzheimer’s and dementia.  This book is a collaboration of her three passions: writing, drawing and care-giving.

When asked about her new book, Jenna tells WritingRoom:  “Not only do I get to see my creation come to life and get to share it with others, but I get to help children and their families too!  I couldn’t ask for more!”

Jenna is already working on her second book.  WritingRoom.com is pleased to have been able to help another new author along their path to success.

PAPPY PLAYS is published by PublishingRoom.com and will be available in the PublishingRoom.com bookstore and online at Amazon and BN June 2009.  

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The Murmur Of Plume to Parchment

by Lindsay 3/25/2009 10:06:00 PM

When asked to give advice about writing, Writingroom.com’s newly Discovered Author, Sherri Weaver, tells other aspiring authors that you must write as if your life depends upon it. When you read her debut book of poetry, published by Writingroom.com, you truly get a sense from the passion and joy in her words that Sherri’s life truly is her work.
Sherri’s journey to get where she is today has not always been easy. She’s been a single mother to her loving and supportive 15 year old daughter. As we all can relate to this in some way; in today’s world to raise a child alone is no small feat. But it is out of struggle that the greatest voices emerge. Her book of poems express her life experience though beautiful yet melancholy verse, finding joy in darkness and allowing the reader to find their own peace within.
It was not that long ago that Sherri, by profession a Human Resource Manager, held the great classic authors apart from herself, putting them up on a pedestal. Now that she has had her work published by Writingroom.com she has the validation that gives her the perspective that these greats are no different than her. She’s now planning her next writing project, a collection of short stories, as well as a career change to teaching English allowing her more time to pursue her passion.      

The spotlight that Writingroom.com shines on amazing new talent every month is a gift to both the author, and just as importantly the reader. We can expect to hear great things from this promising new voice Sherri Weaver. Her appreciation for the gift Writingroom.com has given her is profound, as many great authors would languish in obscurity if they were never afforded the chance to be published and grow in Writingroom.com’s community of authors. This precious gift of expression and creativity is a gift Writingroom.com hopes to give to writers everywhere.     

THE MURMUR OF PLUME TO PARCHMENT is published by PublishingRoom.com.  THE MURMUR OF PLUME TO PARCHMENT will be available in the PublishingRoom.com bookstore and online at Amazon and BN April 2009.

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Deep Within The Heart

by Lindsay 2/5/2009 6:08:00 PM

Each month we hunt through the thousands of fabulous writings posted here at WritingRoom.com to find our next Discovered Author. 


This month we have found Janie Morrow.  Janie is a grandmother of six who has lived enough life to fill dozens of books.  Janie is a breast cancer survivor who used her gift of writing to keep her motivated through her darkest days.  She has turned her wealth of life into something truly special.  With a colorful palate of experience, with her words Janie has painted her tragic and tiumphant book of poetry entitled DEEP WITHIN THE HEART. DEEP WITHIN THE HEART is a collection of poetry based on true stories and beautifully imagined experiences. You can buy her book now at PublishingRoom.com. Congratulations Janie!

We will continue our search for our monthly Discovered Author.  We are looking for a vast collection of inspirational poems, creative short stories or the next great novel. If we chose you we will publish, promote and market your book~ so keep writing and keep posting!



November Discovered Author: Janice Haskins-Scott

by Lindsay 11/2/2008 11:48:00 PM

Janice Haskins-Scott's collection of poetry was just the type of exemplary kind of bold writing we were looking to publish for our November Discovered Author.  Her collection of poems is now available in her new book, INSPIRATIONAL EVERYDAY POETRY- POETRY THAT INSPIRES.  Staggeringly insightful and profoundly personal, Janice courageously reveals, with poetic precision, stories and sides of herself that inspire and move by artfulness.


INSPIRATIONAL EVERYDAY POETRY is a kaleidoscope of poetry and passion that scales the everday possibilities and daily struggles with equal sensitivity, lyricism, intelligence and humor.  Having defeated a twenty-four year long drug and alcohol addiction, Janice has overcome a broken spirit by discovering the powers of her mind, understanding that hopelessness and discouragement could be squashed by wisdom and knowledge, transforming her inhibitions into strengths, and understanding that her past has prepared her for her future.  Janice has become a success, a self-taught writer who now lives her life substance-free and dedicated to fulfilling her life.

Janice has had some success as a writer before being chosen as WritingRoom's Discvoered Author:  In 2004, she was nominated as Poet of the year by the International Society of Poets.  In November 2007, she completed and published through Xlibris Publishing, her first poetry book, REFLECTIONS OF A WARRIOR - UNDERSTANDING SUBSTANCE ABUSE RECOVERY THROUGH POETRY, and a novel entitled, MISPLACED. She has been named one of the best poets of the year by the International Library of Poetry, for the years 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007and 2008.


INSPIRATIONAL EVERYDAY POETRY- POETRY THAT INSPIRES, is available at PublishingRoom.com, Amazon.com and other online retailers.  Buy it now and be inspired! 


Remember~ We are continuously searching all the writings here at WritingRoom to find our next Discovered Author.  We are looking for a fabulous collection of poems and short stories, or a great novel.  Keep writing and keep posting, you could be our next Discovered Author! 


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WritingRoom's First Discoverd Author - Kayla Meyers

by Lindsay 10/11/2008 2:31:00 PM

WritingRoom is pleased to announce our first WritingRoom Discovered Author, Kayla Meyers and her debut book THE BUTTERFLY PAPERWEIGHT: A COLLECTION OF POEMS ANS SHORT STORIES. Kayla’s book is an exquisite collection of eloquent poems and coming of age short stories for young adults.  Kayla's young voice has maturity and knowledge well beyond her 19 young years.  Afflicted with spina bifida, Kayla has managed to turn adversity into art and inspiration.  You can buy her book now at PublishingRoom.com and Amazon.com (where she is getting rave reviews).  We wish Kayla the best of luck!


We are honored to be able to help bring Kayla's dream of becoming a published author to life.  We will continue to help other writers fulfill thier goals.  Each month we will be scouring the thousands of fabulous writings posted here at WritingRoom.com to find our next Discovered Author to publish. We are looking for a vast collection of inspirational poems, creative short stories or the next great novel. Keep writing!


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