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by Lindsay 8/3/2017 12:25:00 AM

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Books are easily considered to be one of the most popular and sought-after pastimes in all of the human civilisation. Granted, paper and hardback books will, in future, be transformed into digital format and will simply be words on a screen; I still believe there’s nothing better than picking up a book in your book shop and getting lost in it. The feel of the pages on your fingers, the touch of the cover in your hands, even the smell is to die for! But, as an avid book reader, it’s easy to run out of ideas on what to read next.

Fortunately, there is a wide variety of book review websites available that can help you to discover your new favourite novel or story. If you’re wondering where to turn to next and nothing is jumping out at you from the shelves, here is a list of some of the best book reviews sites on the Internet, giving you a taste of what the world of literature has to offer.




Labelled itself as the ‘one-stop resource for books…’, BookBrowse is an extremely popular book review site where can search for new books till your heart’s content. There’s a dedicated section for finding new books that you haven’t read, and there’s even online book clubs so you can discuss your current favourites with other like-minded fans.




If you’re looking for quick reviews so you can get a rough opinion on a book that you’re interested in, Book Reporter is the website for you. The reviews average out around 500 words long, meaning you get everything you need on the book, without giving too much away, in a matter of minutes. There’s also a tonne of built-in forums and discussion groups for getting some great new reader inspirations.




The website itself may look dated and old-fashioned, but All Readers is easily one of the most comprehensive book databases available on the Internet. There’s a heavily customizable search engine bar so you can find exactly what kind of books you are after and the reviews are short and easy to read, giving you all the information you need before picking up a new classic.


The New York Times


One of America’s leading media publications, the New York Times book review section is as comprehensive as it gets. The reviews on books can easily reach 1,000 words long, but the reviewers, opinions and concepts the writers introduce are unlike anything you’d find elsewhere. If you’re after some seriously thought-provoking literature content, The New York Times is the place for you.


Best Australian Writers


Sometimes, it’s you that wants to inspire others about how amazing a certain book is. However, if you’re a reader, not a writer, it can be hard to put how you feel into words. Best Australian Writers is a complete database of custom writing services that will link you to a professional writer who can turn your ideas into a comprehensive book review.


Library Thing


With over 2,100,000 active users, it’s safe to say that Library Thing is one of the most popular book review sites on the Internet. The soul of this website comes from its user interaction. There are dedicated chat rooms, forums and discussion rooms to talk with other like-minded readers, enabling you to discuss concepts and ideas as well as exploring new ideas on what you could read next.




If you’re in need of a book review site that’s modern, up-to-date and easy to navigate, Book Page has got you covered. With an extensive range of reviews, trending lists, author interviews and opinion columns, Book Page, at its core, is an online newspaper publication specifically made with books and readers in mind.

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