Of Atlantis

by Lindsay 5/18/2008 10:29:00 PM
I am proud to announce the book release of one of our members, Lanaia Lee.  Her new novel OF ATLANTIS is now available for sale at www.RovalPublishing.net.
OF ATLANTIS, is an epic fantasy novel based on the king of Atlantis, known as Archimedes.  Archimedes was blessed with a source of untapped power.  In this, the first book of a five column series, Archimedes journeys from childhood to become King.  Archimedes struggles with his father, engages in battles across the world, and is betrayed by Uric, his advisor.  After the fateful day, when the ocean swallows Atlantis whole, Uric and Archimedes survive, thanks to thier gift of eternal life;  thus begins their epic battle spanning lifetimes.  Archimedes was proud, he was regal, he was OF ATLANTIS.
As intriguing the story of Archimedes, so too is the story of its author Lanaia Lee.  Despite all the tragedy fate handed her, she has risen above to become a published poet and novelist.  She was striken with the disease known as the silent killer--hypertension.  Lanaia suffered a stroke at the age of thirty-five.  She has been confined to a wheelchair since that time.  After her stroke, Lanaia discovered she had a talent for words and story telling.  Her talent completely innate, she has never studied writing but as thrived and succeeded in the writing world. 
Lanaia has always tried to make the best of a bad situation. With her knew found talent, Lanaia has emerged a strong, brilliant and vivacious women.  Lanaia is determined to one day become a best selling author.  I see her wish coming true with this beautifully crafted story. 
Lanaia was kind enough to share a snippet from OF ATLANTIS with us here at WritingRoom.  Everyone should check it out, congratulate Lanaia on the release of her book, and buy OF ATLANTIS!

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