How to Generate Catchy Headlines for Blog Posts

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Contributed by: Zake Alfie


Most people believe that first impressions are the right ones. This couldn’t be truer in blogging, where first impressions come from the headlines you write. Recent studies even proved that blog post traffic can vary by as much as 500% based on the headline alone.


Headlines reflect the real nature of your article and if you come up with a captivating idea, you’ll grasp the attention of readers. But if you design it poorly, you’ll chase away the audience. This is why headlines need to be intriguing and inspire your followers to keep reading. In this article, I will show you how to generate catchy headlines for blog posts.


6 Template Headers to Skyrocket Blog Traffic

Creative writers can often think of fresh and alternative blog headline ideas. However, even the most proficient bloggers are not able to write outstanding headers all the time. This is why we all turn to 6 template headers to boost blog traffic. Let’s check them out here.


·      Listicle Posts

Online reading is all about scanning and skimming, which makes blog posts with lists and bulletins very attractive for all users. Listicle posts contain numbers in headlines and usually talk about the ways to solve certain issues. This is exactly what an average user wants to find out - how to solve a concrete problem in life. This type of headline reveals the basic idea of your article but hides the best part for patient readers.


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·      Tutorial Posts

A lot of people surf the Internet to see how something works or how it can be done. It’s also the reason why tutorial posts are so popular these days. Starting your headline with ‘How To’, you show your followers that they can find some manual, guide or instructions in your post. 


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·      Review Posts

People love online reviews. With the rise of e-commerce, millions of consumers abandoned traditional retailers and turned to Internet shopping. They want to learn everything there is to know about the product prior to making a purchase, so they read review posts. This trend is also beneficial for website traffic attraction because consumers Google-search reviews and improve your ranking accordingly. 


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·      Secret Posts

When it comes to user engagement, nothing can inspire them more than secret post headlines. Such format is all about the mystery and enigma, so you should use it to grab the attention of your followers. However, keep in mind not to use it too often or else they will lose their true value. Secret posts are only meaningful if you really have something interesting to reveal in your article.


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·      Negative Posts

Emotions have the power to engage the audience and good bloggers use it to improve social media awareness. But it doesn’t mean that they turn only to positive emotions. Instead of laughter and happiness, bloggers sometimes create headlines which make you sad, angry, or suspicious. This is one thing that readers really enjoy sharing because it allows them to warn their friends not to make the same mistake. 


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·      Epic Posts

Epic posts are the ones that explain it all. After reading this kind of article, you will have an in-depth knowledge about the topic you wanted to research. Of course, epic posts deserve epic headlines. Here are a few examples:


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The headline alone is not able to make your posts successful. After all, you have to be a great writer to generate enough blog traffic. But headlines are certainly your best chance to attract target audience and convince them to share your posts, eventually. Feel free to utilize 6 template headers that I described above and please let me know in comments if you have other interesting ideas to share with the readers.


Zake Alfie is a travel blogger and search engine optimization expert in He is in charge of several online projects and provides consultations on optimization and website promotion. He loves experimenting and finding new SEO tactics. You can find him on Facebook and Twitter!

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