Of Madmen and Silent Voices

by Lindsay 10/20/2009 6:54:00 PM

Christopher Higgins writes about the silent voices in our world; voices that have been ignored for years--made to feel as if they have nothing to offer and left wondering whether or not they are heard.  

WritingRoom’s newly Discovered Author, Christopher Higgins, debut collection of poems, OF MADMEN AND SILENT VOICES, shares stories from his life; from his humble beginnings as a child in Jamaica, his relationship with his father and the powers that have run this world for a long time-- Christopher does not hold back. Having moved to the U.S. at age fourteen, Christopher started writing in high school and had a number of his works published in magazines and college newspapers.  Christopher has been teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) for the last 15 years in New York City and now in his current state of residence, Georgia.

Christopher is very excited about the release of his first book. “It has been a lifelong dream of mine to write something that others would enjoy reading.  I want my poetry to be so powerful that it awakes the spirit of some of the great writers I have long admired.”  Higgins has done just as he desired with this moving and memorable book of poetry.

“WritingRoom has been a blessing to me.  It has given me the opportunity to showcase my work and expose me to other talented authors who provided me with the inspiration to always do my best.  WritingRoom has been a wonderful experience.  I also want to extend my appreciation to Nathan Brown of PublishingRoom.com, who made sure I always understood what was going on in the publishing process.”  

OF MADMEN AND SILENT VOICES is published by PublishingRoom.com. OF MADMEN AND SILENT VOICES will be available in the PublishingRoom.com bookstore and online at Amazon and BN October 2009.


If you are interested in becoming our next Discovered Author, please email us at info@WritingRoom.com.


Spam caused a change...

by Lindsay 10/3/2009 6:13:00 PM

It has recently been reported to us that there has been an issue with spam on the site.  It is unfortunate that along with a messaging system comes spam.   We are working diligently to resolve these types of issues. We have recently made it so that you now have to be a friend to comment or send a message.  This should eliminate a great deal of the spam.  


Please continue to let us know about any spam or fraudulent activities on the site.  Remember, never give anyone your personal information.


Thank you everyone who took the time to make me aware of the situation-- it is greatly appreciated!

Happy writing!


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