The Murmur Of Plume to Parchment

by Lindsay 3/25/2009 10:06:00 PM

When asked to give advice about writing,’s newly Discovered Author, Sherri Weaver, tells other aspiring authors that you must write as if your life depends upon it. When you read her debut book of poetry, published by, you truly get a sense from the passion and joy in her words that Sherri’s life truly is her work.
Sherri’s journey to get where she is today has not always been easy. She’s been a single mother to her loving and supportive 15 year old daughter. As we all can relate to this in some way; in today’s world to raise a child alone is no small feat. But it is out of struggle that the greatest voices emerge. Her book of poems express her life experience though beautiful yet melancholy verse, finding joy in darkness and allowing the reader to find their own peace within.
It was not that long ago that Sherri, by profession a Human Resource Manager, held the great classic authors apart from herself, putting them up on a pedestal. Now that she has had her work published by she has the validation that gives her the perspective that these greats are no different than her. She’s now planning her next writing project, a collection of short stories, as well as a career change to teaching English allowing her more time to pursue her passion.      

The spotlight that shines on amazing new talent every month is a gift to both the author, and just as importantly the reader. We can expect to hear great things from this promising new voice Sherri Weaver. Her appreciation for the gift has given her is profound, as many great authors would languish in obscurity if they were never afforded the chance to be published and grow in’s community of authors. This precious gift of expression and creativity is a gift hopes to give to writers everywhere.     

THE MURMUR OF PLUME TO PARCHMENT is published by  THE MURMUR OF PLUME TO PARCHMENT will be available in the bookstore and online at Amazon and BN April 2009.

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And The February Winners Are...

by Lindsay 3/23/2009 12:05:00 PM

Once again, we received so many fabulous poems and short stories.   We are pleased to announce the winners of the February Poetry and Short Story Contest


First place winner of the poetry contest is Christopher Higgins for his poem, Land Without The Tangerine Sun.  The runner-up is Jack Huber for his poem, I Dream Of Space.


The first place winner is, Dempsey Wilson for his story, The One True Dog.  The runner-up is Jennifer Norum for her story, The Outing.


Congratulations to the winners! 



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The New Year Novelist Contest Comes To An End

by Lindsay 3/20/2009 12:17:00 AM

The New Year Novelist Contest is now closed.  We at WritingRoom and NovelStorm thank you all for your submissions.  We have begun the judging process and can see that it is going to be tough.  There are so many fabulous manuscripts.  We are honored to have had such a high caliber of authors submitting to our contest.  We will be announcing the winner on April 15, 2009.  Best of luck to all!


If you weren't able to enter your manuscript into the New Year Novelist Contest, don't fret, is running another novel writing contest.  Find out more about WritingRoom's 2009 Authors Choice Contest by visiting or

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February Turns Into March

by Lindsay 3/5/2009 10:14:00 AM

As February ends and March begins so does our poetry and short story contests. 


We will be announcing the February winners on March 15, 2009.  


The March Poetry and Short Story Contests are now open.  One winner will receive a $50 check, a copy of the anthology in which their poem will be published and will be entered into the yearly contest.  A runner-up will also receive a copy of the anthology.


Best of luck! 

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