New Stuff

by Lindsay 6/19/2008 3:17:00 PM

We have been working diligently to bring you a bunch of new features.  


Have questions?  Ask an Expert.  WritingRoom has editors, script doctors and coaches that are available to help you.  Interested in becoming an expert?  Send us an email.


Not sure how to spell something?  Can't figure out that perfect adjective?  Can't find a rhyme?  Check out the new Research Tool.  You can find this handy button on your My Room page and on the Create Writing page.   


Did you love the last story you read, but hate that you could not get back to it with ease?  We eliminated that problem with a set of handy little bread crumbs. Navigating back and forth from previously viewed member pages and writings will be as simple as clicking on the bread crumb.


Invite your friends to check out your work.  Simply, click on the "Invite Friends" link at the top of your My Room page, enter your friends email address and send them a message asking them to join  


We have also cleaned up and tweaked a bunch of other things on the site.  Hope you all enjoy the changes!!! 


Contest Closes

by Lindsay 6/19/2008 6:59:00 AM

WritingRoom's Author Launch Contest is now closed.  We have received tons of fabulous manuscripts that have been great fun to read.  Thank you to everyone who submitted their manuscripts.  


We will be announcing the winner on July 9.  Best of luck to all!   


The Seven Sins

by Lindsay 6/16/2008 9:42:00 PM

Jon Land is the author of 27 books, fifteen of which have been national bestsellers.  There are currently over seven million copies of his books in print.  His newest book THE SEVEN SINS: THE TYRANT ASCENDING, has just been released to rave reviews.  


The Seven Sins is the loosely based on the real life character of real estate mogul, Fabrizio Boccardi.  Boccardi was the mold for Land's new series featuring the character of Michael Tiranno.  Tiranno is a complex character and by no means a typical hero.  He is greedy and thirsty for power, yet his passion and drive trump all his negative qualties.  In this story Tiranno despite all his flaws embarks on the quest to save Las Vegas.


The Seven Sins is an ultimate thriller; the stakes are high, the characters interesting and the pacing is intense.  It crosses a global span, the clock is ticking and the fate of Las Vegas lies in the hand of Tiranno.


Five of Land's previous novels have been re-released with the debut of The Seven Sins:  The Last Prophecy, Blood Diamonds, Keepers of the Gate, The Blue Widows, and A Walk In The Darkness are all available at book stores and online.  


We are honored to have Jon Land as a guest judge for WritingRoom's Author Launch Contest and as part of the WritingRoom community.

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Sphincteria and his Podcasts

by Lindsay 6/9/2008 10:55:00 PM

There are several great ways to market, promote and sell your writings.  A new and upcoming option is podcasts.  A podcast is an audio version of your book.  


One of our fabulous members, Greg Crites, known here as sphincteria, has taken advantage of this technology.  Greg has two free novel podcasts, DEVLIN, THE ADBNORMAL INVESTIGATIONS and CRUSADE available at or itunes.  His two podcasts have had over 10,000 downloads.  The podcasts are free to listen to, but just as here on WritingRoom, the authors apperciate ratings and comments.  Check out Greg's podcasts today!


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