Submitting to Writing Contests

by Lindsay 3/29/2008 6:44:00 PM

Is your manuscript done?  Have you been shopping it around, and still haven't had a response?  For the majority of writers, the answer is yes.  Getting published may be tougher than the actual wirting process. Most writers know the obstacles involved in the publishing process and many talented writers never clear all of the hurdles.

We struggling writers do have an option...although at times it seems like we don't. We can self-publish, which I truly believe has become a great option for new writers. The old stigma of vanity press is diminishing and many self-published works have gone on to be very successful. But be prepared, if you go this route you should be ready to spend some money, especially if you want your book to sell.  


If your like most writers cash flow may be an issue.  What then?  Enter a contest.  If your mansucript is a thriller enter it in our WritingRoom's Author Launch Contest.  The winner will achieve the ultimate goal in our industry, they will become a published author.  The winner will also retain all the rights to their book, 100% of the royalties, a full blown marketing and press packet, resale insurance (which is essential for distribution) and a chat with Jon Land-- and lets face it a talk with a top person in any field is truly valuable, we all have a thing or two we can learn.


If your manuscript is not a thriller or a novel, don't fret, there are tons of contests out there, just do a google search, you are bound to find one in your genre.  Also, keep a look out we are going to be running more contests in other genres and for other types of writings.  


If you don't win don't get discouraged. Get feedback, re-write, and enter another.  Always keep your chin up, it's a tough business.  Check out "How To Win a Writing Contest" for some hints and tips on mastering the writing contest.  




WritingRoom's Author Launch Contest

by Lindsay 3/23/2008 3:14:00 PM

Hey all you aspiring novelists out there--- here's your chance to become a published author. 


Most writers know that getting published is a pretty tough task; sometimes it seems darn near impossible.  Many great works of prose lay dormant, collecting dust in a drawer, because their scribe knows not what to do next.  WritingRoom wants to help.  We are looking to publish the next great Thriller novel.  So now is your chance, pull out that manuscript you have tucked in a drawer, or sharpen your pencil and write that story you always said you would.   


The grand prize winner will not only have thier manucript published, distributed, promoted and marketed, they will also have an opportunity to have a chat about their manuscript, the writing industry or any other topic of choice with our guest judge, Jon Land.  Jon is the author of twenty six books fifteen national best sellers.  His new book "The Seven Sins" will be released in June 2008  ( I was privy to a sneak peek-- it is fabulous, one of the greatest thriller's I have ever read!)  


We are also pleased to have Joel Pierson, as a judge.  Joel has twenty years editing experiance and will be the editor involved with the winning book before publication. 


The winner will have a filmed interview with  This video will be a remarkable tool for the winning authors press and marketing.  I am excited to say that I will get to conduct the interview with the winning author. 


We want to give a great big thanks to Wordclay for their participation in our contest.


We will be accepting submissions until June 18, 2008.  Best of luck!






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New Look

by Lindsay 3/18/2008 11:02:00 PM

Tada!!!  What do you think of our new look?


We had a great deal of responses from our Beta Survey (thank you to everyone who took the time), and we want you to know we really listened to you.  We have made some of the changes that you have suggested and are working on several more (so stay tuned!)   


If you have any more comments or suggestions, we would love to hear them.



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